How Much Does Houston Roof Leak Repair Cost?

With 2020’s historically active hurricane season, we have rightfully anticipated a plethora of emergency Houston roof leak repairs. As alarming as roof leaks may be for homeowners, our Houston roofers are here to help in a timely manner so you and your family can feel secure in your home again. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Houston Roof Leak, Really?

On average, repairing a leaky Houston roof may cost about $100 to $1,000, give or take. How much it costs to repair a leak also depends on how severe the leak is and how many roof shingles need to be replaced in order to prevent future problems. At Amstill Roofing, we care about making roof leak repair as affordable as possible and educating our customers on how to keep their roof in the best condition possible.

What Can Cause a Roof to Leak?

In order to keep your roof in good condition, it’s important to know what can cause a roof leak so you can take preventative measures when possible. Although leaks may seem sudden, they are anything but. A leaking roof in Houston could be caused by poor shingle installation, age, or wind damage.

Poor Shingle Installation

What can you do if your roof shingles were installed improperly? Repair the poorly installed ones, but be sure you pick a qualified Houston roofing contactor so your shingles are properly installed this time.


As our roofs age, they become more and more damaged, eventually becoming too weak to prevent leaks from forming. It’s a great idea to get a free seasonal roof inspection because, that way, our roofing contractors can spot the earliest signs that a leak may form, which gives us an opportunity to complete preventative repairs instead of investing in a premature Houston roof replacement. 

Wind Damage

During hurricanes and tropical storms, strong winds are notorious for blowing around lightweight items such as furniture, ornaments, and lawn decor. When tossed around, these items may puncture your roof, which welcomes water to drip into your home. If you are experiencing inclement weather, we recommend clearing your yard of these items ahead of time so you can protect your roof from a severe leak.

Amstill Roofing Completes One-Day Houston Roof Leak Repair

If you notice a leak, please contact us immediately so that we can complete a thorough roof inspection, free of charge. During our free inspection, we will climb onto your roof and take a careful look at your shingles and flashing to determine what caused the leak and repair it as needed. To make your roof leak repair more affordable, you can file a claim with your Houston homeowner’s insurance or look into our roof financing options.

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