How Houston Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

While Houston is better known for its scorching hot and humid summers rather than its mild winters, that doesn’t mean our winters can’t still wreak havoc on your roof. It’s a good idea to understand what exactly your roof undergoes during the winter, now that the colder temperatures approach us.

Water and Ice Damage

Although it may not seem like it, freezing rain can seriously damage your Houston roof. The reason for this is that as it freezes and becomes icy, it can build up in your gutters, which blocks them and prevents them from doing their job. Their job is solely to allow for proper water drainage away from your roof in order to keep your shingles in-tact. 

Although our winters don’t bring excessive rain, we can still get heavy showers at times. In the event that your area does experience heavier rains during the colder months, this can bring damage to your roof. Even though the rain may be solidified, once it starts melting it can potentially flow under and in between your shingles, especially if your gutters are blocked. This can lead to leaks and even mold growth under your roof and inside your house, putting your structure and your family at risk.

On days when Houston experiences freezing temperatures, it’s easy for rain to turn to ice and weigh down your roof. If your shingles haven’t been inspected in a long time, they could already be compromised and you wouldn’t know it until the ice led to your shingles cracking and/or breaking. What’s more, if your shingles aren’t in-tact during the winter, you will notice your house isn’t staying as warm, which will cause a spike in your energy bill.

Wind Damage

We very rarely have snow days, but we definitely have windy days. Cold, harsh winds in the winter can blow underneath loose and old rooftop shingles and blow them completely off of your roof. It becomes even more damaging when this wind is paired with hail or sleet.

If you read our post about hailstorm damage, then you’ll know that even small pieces of hail can damage your roof. When paired with sleet that lands on your shingles, they can become weighed down and weakened, making it easier for them to be blown away by the wind.

Get Your Houston Roof Inspected Before Winter

It’s extremely important that you get your roof checked right before winter, which is why at Amstill Roofing we offer free roof inspections. We will climb onto your roof and carefully assess the integrity so you can rest assured that your roof will protect you during the colder season. If you haven’t received an inspection, please contact us today so we can schedule one.

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