How Houston Roofing Insurance Claims Work

A roof in Houston typically lasts an average of 20 years. However, your roof may last less than that or even beyond that, depending on the type of Houston roofing your home has. Houston weather conditions will also impact how long your roof lasts. In the event that you need Houston roof repairs or a Houston roof replacement, you can actually use your homeowner’s insurance to help cover some of the costs. This post will break down how insurance claims work.

Step 1: Review Your Insurance Policy

So you’re concerned about needing Houston roof repairs or a replacement. Before you file an insurance claim, you should first review your policy to see what you’re covered for and what you aren’t covered for. Generally speaking, roofs that are less than 10 years old may be fully covered. 

Step 2: Contact Our Houston Roofing Contractor

At this point, it will soon be time to call your insurance and file your claim. Before that, though, we recommend you schedule a free roof inspection with us so we can assess the damage and give you an idea of how your homeowner’s insurance company may respond. With this inspection, we can also provide a free estimate.

Step 3: Insurance Adjuster’s Inspection

Once you file your insurance claim for roof repairs or Houston roof replacement, your insurance will send an adjuster to your home so they can complete their own inspection. This inspection is what will help them determine how much coverage they may offer you. As a top-rated Houston roofer, we place great importance on not just fixing roofs, but also educating and protecting Houston homeowners, so we recommend you schedule the insurance adjuster for a day and time in which our own roof inspector can also attend. This way, we can ensure the adjuster offers the coverage you need and deserve and you don’t run the risk that they will ignore or miss crucial signs of roof damage. We will also ensure to review the proper roof scope of work that is required by your city’s complaince standards.

Step 4: Amstill Will Complete Roofing Work Within A Day

Once your insurance coverage is finalized, we will gladly complete your Houston roof repairs or roof replacement. Over 90% of our Houston roofing jobs are finished within a single workday so you can immediately feel safe and protected by your roof. We understand how especially important your safety is now that we are in peak hurricane season. If you would like to proceed with roof repairs or a much-needed Houston roof replacement, please contact us. We will happily service your roof.

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