High Energy Bill? Could be Friendswood Roof Insulation Damage

The weather has been pleasant these days–not too hot, less humidity in the evenings, and sometimes a nice breeze throughout the day. Even though the weather is rather nice outside, do you find that your energy bill has been a bit higher? Or that the A.C. doesn’t seem as effective lately? If this is the case in your home, then it might be due to Friendswood roof damage, which warrants a Friendswood roof repair or a Friendswood roof replacement. 

How Your Friendswood Roofing Affects Your Home’s Temperature

Your roof is meant to protect you, your family, and the rest of your house’s structure from Houston weather events, such as hurricanes or hail storms. It should also help insulate your home so your family feels cozy and warm in the winter, and cool and fresh in the summer. 

The condition of your shingles dictates how protective your roof will be, so if your roof is missing some shingles, for example, or if they are cracked, broken, or buckling, then you are leaving space for leaks to make their way into your house and into the insulation that is meant to maintain the inside temperature of your home. You are also letting the outside air in.

How Wet Friendswood Roof Insulation Affects Your Energy Bill

If these newly-created spaces in your roofing system let water in, wet insulation brings a world of problems.

For starters, wet insulation becomes dangerous by causing the roofing materials, such as studs and fasteners, to corrode, which compromises your entire roofing system. It also creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria and causes bowing and warping in the walls. 

As for your energy bills, damp insulation isn’t energy efficient at all. Moisture in your Friendswood insulation tends to act like an energy conductor, which is the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. By conducting energy rather than repelling it, your home now requires more heat in the winter and more air conditioning in the summer, which would explain why your energy bills are higher than usual and why you feel like you have to constantly readjust the thermostat.

Think Your Roof Insulation is Damaged? Get a Free Friendswood Roof Inspection

The first step in determining whether roof damage is the cause of sky-high energy bills is to contact us for a free roof inspection. Our well-trained inspectors will check your shingles, flashing, and insulation. This way we will determine whether a simple Friendswood roof repair or a full Friendswood roof replacement is necessary, in addition to replacing your Friendswood roofing insulation. 

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