Have You Checked on Your Roof After Recent Storms?

The Houston area has seen its share of damaging weather recently, and for many homeowners these storms caused the type of roof damage that requires Houston roof repair. If you find yourself asking, “Was there significant Houston roof damage near me?” you’re not alone. Our Houston roof experts have been busier than usual with storm roof inspections, which is something you should also consider scheduling if you believe your Houston roofing has sustained any damage.

Common Causes of Houston Roof Damage Near Me

If your Houston roofing has sustained damage due to the following conditions, it may require Houston roof repairs or a Houston roof replacement near me: 


When your Houston roofing endures rain that falls too hard and too fast, it can cause serious damage. If you already have weak spots in your roof, heavy rain can easily make them larger and more prone to failure. Often, periods of heavy rain on old or damaged Houston roofing causes roof leaks. While some are obvious, many more stay hidden until it’s too late and water reaches the rooms below. The best way to locate a roof leak is to schedule a storm roof inspection with our Houston roof experts.  


When hail falls and makes impact with your roof, it often causes damage to your Houston roofing in the form of divots. If our Houston roof experts find divots in your shingles, a full Houston roof replacement is likely necessary, as your damaged shingles are now too weak to protect your home. If you’re wondering whether or not this applies to your Houston roofing, ask yourself, “have there been reports of recent hail roof damage near me?” If you notice your neighbors are receiving Houston roof replacements due to hail damage, it’s possible you’ll need one, too.


Heavy winds can require the immediate need for Houston roof repair if these winds rip shingles from your roof or displace flashing, either of which can allow water to enter your home. 

Brittle Shingles Make Your Houston Roofing More Susceptible to Damage 

Your Houston roofing shingles are coated in special oils that keep them strong in inclement weather. Over time, however, these oils dry out and your shingles become brittle and prone to cracking, especially when hail or loose items tossed around in head winds make contact with your Houston roofing. 

Houston Roof Replacement Near Me Due to Storm Damage

The older your Houston roofing, the easier it is for severe weather to cause the type of roof damage that requires a Houston roof replacement. This process begins with a storm roof inspection by our Houston roof experts, which will identify the need for a Houston roof replacement and, in some cases, provide evidence when filing an insurance claim for all or part of the cost. We’ll then set up a time to install your new Houston roofing, which can usually be completed in one day. 

Amstill: the Best Roof Repair Company Near Me!

When you’re looking for the time tested perfection of a family-owned and -operated business since 1974m look no further than our Houston roof experts. If you believe recent storms caused roof damage near me, call our Houston roof experts today for a free roof inspection. We’ll use our local knowledge and experience to identify issues and make our recommendations for your home. Whether you need Houston roof repair or Houston roof replacement near me, we’ll show you the honor, integrity, and strength that make Amstill the best roofing company near me!

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