Getting Southwest Houston Roof Replacement? Know Your Warranty

Getting a new roof can be an exciting experience for those who know the value and protection it can add to your home, but it’s no secret that a Southwest Houston roof replacement can sometimes feel overwhelming, too. There are many factors to consider before beginning the roof replacement process, such as choosing the right roofing contractor, filing claims with your insurance company, and selecting the appropriate materials for your needs and budget. In the case of your material choices, you should consider how these materials carry warranties, and some shingles come with better warranties than others, which could impact your decision.

What are the Different Types of Roofing Warranties?

There are three main types of roofing warranties, and each differs in terms of the length and extent of coverage provided therein. Consider these different roofing warranties as you navigate your many replacement options and discuss them with our Houston roof experts

  • The Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty: This warranty covers the roofing materials you choose for your Southwest Houston roof replacement. Most shingles come with a basic limited lifetime warranty, which covers the cost of defective materials. That means that if your shingles fail or are determined to be defective, their replacement is covered. What is not covered, however, is the cost of labor or shingles that fall off because they were not installed correctly. 
  • The Contractor Workmanship Warranty: This warranty covers your Southwest Houston roof replacement installation and any materials that may have been installed incorrectly by your roofing contractor. These warranties vary greatly depending on your roofing contractor, but most will also cover necessary future repairs to your roof or the interior of your home, should improperly installed roofing materials have led damage beyond the scope of your Southwest Houston roofing. 
  • The Extended Manufacturer Warranty: Some roofing material manufacturers offer optional extended manufacturer warranties if authorized contractors install their materials. In order to purchase this warranty for an additional cost, your Southwest Houston roof replacement must be completed using materials that offer this type of warranty.

How Can I Make the Most of my Roof Warranty Coverage?

Since most Southwest Houston roof replacements come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty described above, homeowners should expect coverage for the shingles themselves, and only if they’re defective, which means any labor costs would fall on the shoulders of the homeowner. That’s why regular roof inspections and diligent roof maintenance are of the utmost importance, especially since our area faces significant threats of weather-related roof damage. Additionally, failure to make necessary repairs in the face of Southwest Houston roof damage could shorten the lifespan of your shingles and lead to more costly issues down the road. 

Our Houston roof experts recommend scheduling a professional roof inspection every six months so as to identify existing issues as early as possible.

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