Getting A Tomball Roof Replacement After Hurricane Season

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season was one of the busiest on record, and the Houston area was not spared from dangerous storms. You may be wondering if your home sustained hurricane roof damage, which can sometimes be difficult to assess without a professional inspection. Our Houston roof experts have over 40 years of experience in the roofing industry, with local knowledge of our area’s weather and the ability to assess whether your home sustained the kind of hurricane roof damage that warrants a Tomball roof replacement. 

What Causes Hurricane Roof Damage?

It’s no secret that hurricanes can cause significant damage to structures, including your Tomball roofing. The following are known to be especially destructive:

  • Hail: Hail comes in a variety of sizes, from pea-size to softball-size, and the larger the hail, the more damage it can create. This is also true regarding the force with which it contacts your roof. It can leave divots in your shingles, weakening their ability to protect your home.
  • Wind: Even category 1 storms create winds of no less than 74mph, which is enough to rip shingles from your roof or displace flashing, the metal seam that covers the gap between shingles and structures like chimneys. If the flashing is disrupted, it can allow water into your home, leaving it susceptible to hurricane roof damage.
  • Heavy rain: Heavy rain can widen existing weak spots in your roof and lead to leaks that may not be noticeable until the water reaches the walls and ceilings below the attic, meaning the damage could be extensive.

Do You Need a Tomball Roof Replacement After Hurricane Roof Damage? 

Our Houston roof experts have a great deal of experience in recognizing the signs of irreparable damage that may require a Tomball roof replacement. When you call us for a free inspection, our skills roofing staff will look for the following:

  • Missing or buckled shingles: this is a sign that high winds have lifted and damaged your shingles
  • Dislodged flashing: like the shingles issues above, dislodged flashing is a sign heavy winds affected your property and made it susceptible to future damage.
  • Pocked or windblown siding: if hail or heavy winds have damaged your siding, it’s likely you’ve also sustained hurricane roof damage
  • Water infiltration: if water entered your home, a Tomball roof replacement may be necessary, as your roof can no longer protect your property from precipitation.
  • Visible shingle granule loss: your shingles are covered in small particles called granules. If we notice missing granules or see them in your gutters, this is a sign that your shingles are no longer strong enough to protect your home. 

Trust Our Houston Roof Experts With Your Tomball Roof Replacement

Whether you’re worried that recent storms have caused irreparable hurricane roof damage or your roof is too old to offer the protection your home deserves, Amstill Roofing is here for all your roofing needs. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and ensure your property is ready for the next hurricane season. 

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