Get Your Katy Roofing System Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to get your home ready for the festivities. Whether you plan on inviting guests or staying in with the family, you need to make sure your roof is in top shape. A faulty Katy roofing system could lead to a holiday disaster. Do you have your checklist ready? Amstill Roofing will help you tick off all the essentials. We work on thousands of roofs every year, and the holiday season is no exception. Here are some tips for a worry-free Christmas in your home.

Make Sure All Shingles Are In Place

Homeowners love to go all out on their decorations. Beautiful lights and decor are sure to liven up the atmosphere. But are your shingles ready for the added weight? If you notice even just one broken or missing shingle, it’s best to get Katy roof repairs. Shingle damage can spread across your entire Katy roofing. You may not notice it on an ordinary day. But when you start hanging your Christmas lights and decorations, you will begin to see the impact. 

Check If All Roofing Parts Are Functional

Aside from your shingles, there are other essential parts of your Katy roofing to watch out for. Your flashing and fascia protect your home from water damage. The holidays could bring about lots of moisture in the air.  Make sure these components are in check by getting a roof inspection. Meanwhile, your soffit helps with ventilation around your house. You wouldn’t want terrible insulation when your guests arrive. Amstill Roofing operates with time-tested perfection to make sure your entire roof is in order.

Unclog All Your Gutters

Around this time, you’re probably still enjoying the fall weather. But with autumn comes fallen leaves and branches. Your gutters exist to collect excess water and draw it away from your house. During fall, gutters tend to get clogged from debris. When this happens, your entire roof can cave in and flood your property. Prevent this problem by cleaning your gutters before the holidays. For your safety, allow Houston roof experts to do the job for you. Amstill Roofing has been working on these types of projects in Texas since 1974. Contact us today for gutter cleaning near me!

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Amstill Roofing is a family-owned and operated company that proudly serves Texas. We operate with honor, integrity, and strength in every Katy roofing job that we do. Our roofing track record can attest to the level of workmanship we put out. When you need Katy roof repairs and replacement near me, we are the team for the job. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We offer free roof inspections.

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