Get Houston Roof Repair Before This Hurricane Season

Protect your family and investments by getting a Houston roof repair even before a hurricane hits your area. You might think that it’s better to wait until after the storms have passed before calling a roofing company. In reality, the best action is preventive maintenance. Reduce the risk of water damage by requesting a roof inspection from Amstill Roofing. We take pride in time-tested perfection so the things that matter to you are safe this hurricane season.

What a Hurricane Does to Your Roof

During a hurricane, wind speeds can reach 100 mph and above, wreaking havoc in residential areas. The impact of the wind alone damages your shingles, so you might notice a lot of them either loose or missing. Houston roof damage from water is one of the main culprits of a weakened structural integrity. If water enters your home through your roof, you could face a series of severe Houston roofing problems. To prevent this, request a Houston roof repair where the following will be addressed:

Get Your Shingles Fixed

One of the first things that Houston roof experts will do is to make sure all your shingles are in top shape. They will replace any broken or missing shingle to keep water from entering your home once a hurricane hits. Getting your shingles fixed prevents leaks and stains inside your home. Unwanted moisture also contributes to mold and algae growth, a health hazard to your family. When getting a Houston roof repair, fortifying your first line of defense is an essential step.

Get Your Gutters Cleaned

During a hurricane, having a properly functioning drainage system is a must. You don’t want water to accumulate in your gutters and flood your basement while damaging your home’s foundation. Too much water on your roof may also cause it to collapse. Your Houston roofer will clear out debris from your gutter and downspout so that rainwater can be drained properly. 

Check All Roofing Parts

During a Houston roof repair, a professional will do a thorough inspection of all your roofing components to make sure there’s no hidden damage. They will check for rotting so that your roof doesn’t suddenly cave in if it’s hit by a strong hurricane. A roofer will repair all parts, including your flashing, soffit boards, fascia, decking, and more. A complete roof repair will give you peace of mind despite the harsh weather.

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Make sure your home is ready to withstand hurricane damage by getting a Houston roof repair from Amstill Roofing. We operate with time-tested perfection, guided by honor, integrity, and strength in the thousands of roofing jobs we do every year. We take pride in our roofing track record. Our family-owned and operated company has proudly been serving Texas since 1974. If you need repair, replacement, and emergency roof services, we are the name to call. Contact us today for a free roof inspection!

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