FAQ About Getting A Houston Roof Replacement

Houston roof replacement is more common as we prepare to enter the hurricane season. As more homeowners consider getting a new roof, here are some frequently asked questions that our Houston roof experts get at this time of year.

1: How Long Before I Need A Houston Roof Replacement?

In Houston, the excessive heat, tropical storms, and hurricanes mean that roofs last an average of 15-20 years, but how long your roof lasts also depends on what type of roofing you installed. Architectural roof shingles boast a warranty of 50 years to a lifetime!

2: I Have A Houston Roof Leak. Do I Need A Roof Replacement?

Many tend to think a roof leak means their roof is done for, making Houston roof replacement imminent. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes some roof repairs will do the job, but if you want to know for sure, starting with a roof inspection is the way to go.

3: How Can I Keep A Houston Roof Replacement Within My Budget?

It’s not rare for homeowners to immediately start stressing out about the cost and their budget. Don’t worry though; when we inspect your roof, we can provide an estimate. Further, our Houston roof experts make roof replacement more affordable by extending contractor-level pricing to you, helping you get in touch with your homeowner’s insurance, and offering multiple Houston roof replacement financing options.

4: Can I Hold Off On A Houston Roof Replacement?

Sometimes a roof replacement isn’t feasible, but if our Houston roof experts inspect your roof, we will let you know if you absolutely need a roof replacement or if you can wait a little longer. More often than not, though, roof damage has spread and worsened over the years, making a Houston roof replacement before hurricane season all the more necessary. If you don’t get one, you might be at risk when tropical storms are near.

Amstill Roofing Has Offered Expert Houston Roof Replacement For Over 40 Years 

Roof replacement may seem intimidating, but it is absolutely necessary and can even add value to your home! If you are considering getting any roof work done and would like to determine if you need a Houston roof replacement before hurricane season, then please contact us so we can inspect your roof. We look forward to renewing your peace of mind!

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