Expert Roof Leak Repairs In Tomball

We’ve had quite a fair amount of rain this month with more to come as we gradually transition into spring. With more rain, though, some homeowners may discover sudden leaks. In this article, we will discuss how roof leaks occur and what you can do to preserve your home.

When Do Roof Leaks Form?

Although leaks may seem sudden, they’re actually far from it. A Tomball roof leak will usually start to gradually form, which means they’ll go unnoticed for a while. As the leak worsens over time, it will eventually escape through a light fixture or through a corner in your ceiling.

What Causes A Tomball Roof Leak?

There are a number of factors that can cause a roof leak, including:

Improper Roof Shingle Installation:

If you’re in a brand new build or find it odd that you have a roof leak when your roof is relatively young, the leak may have been caused by poor roof shingle installation. Chances are the shingles weren’t properly fastened, leaving gaps through which water can enter.

Aging Roof:

In contrast, a very old roof can cause a roof leak to develop if the shingles are weakened enough, which breaks the seal between the roof shingles and the underlayment.

Flying Debris:

Notorious during the hurricane season, large gusts of wind are capable of hurling lawn decor and even lightweight furniture across your roof, piercing it and tearing your roof shingles off, which makes way for rain to enter your home.

Amstill Roofing in Houston Offers High-Quality Tomball Roof Leak Repair

Depending on how the weather has been and how long the leak has been present in your home, your leak could be minor or severe. Regardless, if you notice a large leak, please take immediate emergency measures and contact us. Although we will do our best to arrive as soon as possible, any measures you can take in the meantime will be the difference between preserving your walls and flooring and having to spend additional money to replace those. 

After we’ve fixed your Tomball roof leak, we’ll complete a thorough, free roof inspection so we can determine whether you need Tomball roof repairs or roof replacement in order to prevent another leak.

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