Experienced a Rainstorm in Tomball Recently? Perform Some Much-Needed Tomball Roof Maintenance

If you are in Tomball and recently got hit by one of the many rainstorms scattered across the greater Houston area, then now is the time to take some maintenance measures so as to ensure your roof is strong enough and ready to protect you, your family, and your home from the next downpour. The good news is that, although this necessary chore seems dreadful, it is fairly easy to complete.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Gutters are argued as the second most important component of your roof, right after your shingles. This is because the gutters are responsible for collecting the rainwater and directing it to the downspout, away from your siding, shingles, and the rest of the structure. This protects it from weathering away and sustaining mold and mildew damage.

With tropical storms circling around and gaining traction, and hurricane season ramping up, we are experiencing plenty of wind. Although the breeze may be nice, strong gusts of wind may blow debris from your lawn onto your Tomball roof, such as grass, twigs, and leaves that end up in your gutters. If this debris is left in the gutters, it will clog the entire system, which defeats its purpose.

Trim Your Overhanging Tree Branches

Large trees are a beautiful addition to your front and back yards, but they come with their own drawbacks. Namely, large trees mean large branches will hang over your home’s roof, which may cause more debris to accumulate. Large branches also place unnecessary weight on your shingles, which will inevitably cause them to buckle. When this happens, your Tomball roofing is far more prone to dangerous roof leaks.

Amstill Roofing Offers Free Tomball Roof Inspections

If you’d like to understand the current condition of your Tomball roof, then please contact us for a free inspection so we can assess your roof and determine whether you are in need of Tomball roof repair or Tomball roof replacement. We will also use our inspection to further guide you in the proper roof maintenance measures you should take. As we continue to monitor the weather, we urge you to let us help you take care of your roof this hurricane season.

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