Do You Need Sugar Land Roof Replacement for Wind Damage?

Roofs are meant to withstand extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, even the best roofing materials are not invincible to wind roof damage. Do not let tiny cracks create a chain reaction of unwanted repairs. If you notice stronger winds than usual, call in Houston roof experts to conduct inspections. Amstill Roofing will make sure that you are protected and receive the service you deserve. For Sugar Land roof replacement, trust our roofers to keep your roof in top shape after a windstorm.

Should I Worry About the Wind?

A little wind does not hurt anybody. But when we talk about tropical storms, it’s a different story. The worst typhoons can bring with them wind speeds of over 100mph. Expect roof shingles to be flying off under this storm category. Although that scenario doesn’t happen frequently, it does happen. The lighter windstorms can reach speeds of 45mph. But still, these shouldn’t be taken lightly. Winds that strong can still cause tree branches to break off and hit your roof. In short, wind roof damage may be just as harmful as heavy rain and hail.

What Does Wind Damage Look Like?

The first sign of Sugar Land roof damage to watch out for is broken or loose shingles. Usually, you’d be able to spot this from the ground. Shingle bruising is not as easy to spot. Missing granules may require a trained eye to properly assess the storm roof damage. Another issue to watch out for is curled or lifted shingles. Often, high winds can break the adhesive seal of shingles, causing the sides to peel off. Pay special attention to your soffit and fascia. These are critical parts of your roof that keep water from seeping into your home. Finally, inspect your rain gutters to make sure they are not clogged from debris brought in by wind. Keeping all these components in check can prevent serious roofing issues in the long run. 

What to Do After Wind Damage

Even if you only notice small dings and dents to your roof, it doesn’t mean that you are in the clear. To stay on the safe side, contact professional roofers to do a proper inspection. Amstill Roofing works on thousands of roofs every year. We’ve perfected our roofing process to give you the best customer experience possible. We can catch wind damage quickly to keep expenses low. If we notice that damage is serious, we may recommend Sugar Land roof replacement. Trust us to execute our plan of action seamlessly so you don’t have to stress.

Contact Us for Sugar Land Roof Replacement After Wind Damage

Amstill Roofing is a reputable and dependable company that specializes in Sugar Land roof replacement and repairs. If you think your home has been affected by wind damage, schedule a free inspection with us. We can even help you with your insurance claim by providing an honest quote of the damage. Contact us today to get started!

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