Do I Need Fresno TX Roof Replacement If I See Critters?

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In the spring, critters love trying to make your home their own. Although they’re small and seem harmless, don’t dismiss them as such. In fact, if critters can cause some serious damage to the integrity of the roof, which creates more ways in which the weather we experience in the summer can further damage your roof. If you spot critters scurrying across your roof, you might need a Fresno, TX roof replacement. In this article, our Houston roof experts will explain the risk that critters pose and how we can help safeguard your Fresno roofing.

What Critters Like To Wander Onto Our Customers’ Fresno, Texas Roofs

In the Greater Houston Area, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and similar small animals are the ones most likely to wind up on your roof.

How Critters Cause Fresno, TX Roof Damage

Critters can cause damage in a number of ways, each of which severely weakens your roof. This is the last thing you want as hurricane season begins in just a few days. The most common ways in which critters cause Fresno, Texas roof damage include: 

Gnawing, Digging, And Scratching

Critters are notorious gnawers and scratchers. Sometimes they are the very first cause of your roof damage, and other times they simply worsen the damage that was already present from previous storm damage.

For example, you might see a critter scratch or dig at your roof, and this is likely because they found some loose roof shingles and are trying to make their way into your attic. 

Entering Your Home

Once critters have torn at the exterior roofing shingles, they can now make their way into your attic, where they may chew up your attic’s wires, insulation, floorboards, and drywall, and make their way into the rest of your home.

Critters May Damage Your Roof So Severely That You Require Fresno, Texas Roof Replacement

Critters often go unnoticed until they’ve already damaged your roof. Eventually, Fresno, TX roof replacement will be necessary if you are to stop the critter problem in its tracks and restore your roof’s integrity before we experience a severe hurricane that might exacerbate your Fresno, Texas roof damage.

Amstill Roofing’s Houston Roof Experts Offer Affordable Fresno, TX Roof Replacement

If you’ve spotted critters lurking around your roof, then we urge you to please contact us as quickly as possible. We can schedule a free, no-obligation Fresno, Texas roof inspection to determine how much work your roof needs and if Fresno roof replacement is necessary. When providing an estimate, we can also discuss our Fresno, Texas roof replacement financing options, homeowner’s insurance coverage, and the best materials for your Fresno, TX roof replacement.

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