Different Types Of Roofing For Houston Roof Replacement

As we are fully immersed in the rainy season and gradually approach the hurricane season, you might be considering a brand new Houston roof replacement in order to maximize the protection your roof provides. In this article, we will discuss the three most common types of roofing that are available for your Houston roof replacement. 

3 Tab Roof Shingles

3 Tab roof shingles are the most budget-friendly roofing option found throughout Houston. These roof shingles are the most basic, entry-level option out there, as they are made up of only 1 layer of asphalt. They last about 10-15 years in perfect weather and climate conditions, but “perfect” does not apply to Houston’s weather. As pleasant as our temperatures can be, we also deal with severe weather in the spring and summer. Because of this, these roofs tend to be extra prone to severe damage from wind, rain, hail, and hurricane season. 

Laminate Roof Shingles

Laminate roof shingles are a slightly better solution for your Houston roof replacement. They feature an extra layer of asphalt for extra strength and protection against storm winds. Because of this, they can last an additional 10 years and won’t succumb to damage nearly as easily as 3-tab roof shingles. On average, these roof shingles may last 15-30 years–give or take.

Architectural Roof Shingles

The highest-end roofing available for Houston residential roof replacements is the architectural roof shingle. Boasting a warranty of 50 years to a lifetime, getting a Houston roof replacement with architectural shingles means your roof will remain sturdy against some of the worst storms that hit Houston over time. Architectural roof shingles also offer a decorative appearance when properly installed on your roof, which actually adds value to your home if you choose to resell or lease it.

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The lifespan of shingles is highly dependent on the weather and climate as well as how well you maintain it over the years. If you’re a homeowner in Kingwood, The Woodlands, Pearland, Brookshire, or another suburb in the Greater Houston Area and believe you might be due for a roof replacement, then please contact us so we can start with a free roof inspection. We look forward to protecting your roof and your loved ones as we approach hurricane season.

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