Did Your Home Sustain Houston Roof Damage During The Freeze?

Our last cold front was the strongest since last year’s winter storm, canceling schools, icing roads and sidewalks, and bringing cold arctic air to our region. Given the severity of this front, it stands to reason that it left a fair amount of damage behind, including possible damage to your Houston roofing. If you suspect your home suffered from possible winter roof damage, keep reading to see how Amstill can help!

Older Houston Roofing is More Prone to Winter Roof Damage

Roof shingles are designed to protect your roof and the interior of your home from the elements, but shingles that are too old cannot withstand these elements, which could lead to more severe issues. While most roofs have a 20-year lifespan, the Houston area is prone to the kind of severe weather that can shorten it significantly. If you haven’t had a Houston roof replacement within the past decade or even longer, then chances are your shingles are too weak to adequately protect your home. Especially if you notice they are buckled or sunken in the center or are missing granules. When this occurs to too many shingles, it will often cause larger dips within your roof, allowing rainwater to settle, further weighing your shingles down and weakening them. This also makes your Houston roofing more susceptible to a severe roof leak, necessitating a Houston roof replacement. 

Houston Storm Roof Damage Can Cause Leaks 

Roof leaks are relatively common in our area thanks to frequent and often heavy rains. But if your shingles are weak and brittle, it is far easier for rainwater to find a way inside your home. Oftentimes, this leak happens without you knowing, allowing water to slowly build up inside your attic and walls before it finds an opening in which to drain. Left unaddressed, this can cause catastrophic damage to your home. It’s important to contact our Houston roof experts today to provide a free roof inspection, especially following our recent storms. We can help you determine if you need a Houston roof replacement and walk you through the process quickly and professionally. Leaks should never be ignored, especially since we’re still at risk of facing sub-freezing temperatures again this winter. 

Our Houston Roofers Can Address Your Winter Roof Damage

Your time is important to us, which is why our Houston roofers complete most roof replacements in as little as one day. And thanks to 47 years of quality service and craftsmanship,  Amstill Roofing has become the most trusted roofing contractor in the Gulf Coast area. Call us today to schedule your free roof inspection and protect your home before the next cold front hits!

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