Did Last Week’s Winter Storms Damage Your Houston Roof?

Last week we experienced historically cold weather to the likes of which we haven’t seen in 30 years. Unfortunately, Houston fell victim to this brutal winter storm system, and as excited as kids may have been to wake up to snow, homeowners likely woke up concerned about what this weather meant for their roof. In this article, our Houston roofing company will address the common issues homeowners faced last week and what they mean for your roof’s condition.

Snow Accumulation On Your Roof Valleys

Your roof valleys are part of a well-designed roofing system that keeps water away from your roof. However, with the freezing temperatures, the precipitation we experienced most likely piled on your roof valleys. This accumulation often results in the roof shingles being weighed down and becoming brittle, which makes them more prone to morphing and curling.

Further, it is possible that the snow and ice that accumulated in your roof ended up clinging to your roof shingle granules, dragging them away as the precipitation melted. As we stated in a previous blog post on the important role your roof shingle granules play, the loss of this layer could mean further damage to your Houston roof.

Frozen Gutters

We have mentioned many times before that the condition of your roof is largely dependent on your gutter system. This is because, together with your roof valleys, your gutter system works as a way to redirect rainwater away from your roof. Over the last week, however, the freezing rain that came down was able to stay frozen in the gutters due to the drop in temperature. Frozen gutters mean that any of the precipitation that accumulated on your roof had nowhere to flow out, which may have encouraged leaks to occur as the snow slowly melted.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks were a major consequence of the weather, either because frozen pipes burst and/or because, as the snow on your roof melted, it trickled its way beneath curled roof shingles and into your attic. If a roof leak was caused by damaged roof shingles, then it is imperative that you get a roof inspection so that we can determine the severity of the damage and recommend either Houston roof repairs or a complete Houston roof replacement. 

Did Your Roof Sustain Winter Storm Damage? Contact Amstill For Houston Roof Repairs

We understand the stress and desperation that many homeowners face when it comes to weather-related roof damage, especially during a historical event such as last week’s snow/ice storms. If you think your roof may have sustained damage from the winter storm system, then please contact us so we can inspect your roof for free. We will check for all kinds of winter-related damage and determine whether you need Houston roof repairs or Houston roof replacement. As Houston’s most trusted roofer, we would be glad to fix your roof up affordably so you and your loved ones feel safe and secure!

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