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Temperatures have been steadily dropping around the Houston area, and as this happens, critters are desperate to find somewhere to stay warm, often driving them into your attic via your roof. Not only do they typically cause damage on their way into your home, but once settled, they continue to destroy parts of your property, sometimes so severely that a Houston roof replacement becomes inevitable. Knowing the signs of critter roof damage can help you address it, resulting in a pest-free home and secure Houston roofing.

How Critters Cause Houston Roof Damage

Squirrels, raccoons, rats, and possums are all known to frequent our area and settle in your home. These animals are known for their sharp teeth and claws, either of which can cause significant roof damage as they attempt to gain access to your attic, hoping to settle and breed. The longer these animals are in your home, the more likely the number in their population grows and causes more critter roof damage. These pests are known to chew through wires, insulation, floorboards, and drywall, not to mention that the initial damage they caused to your roof in order to enter your home is now exposed to the weather. If left unnoticed or unresolved, this deterioration of your roof’s integrity will require a Houston roof replacement. 

Signs of Critter Roof Damage

If you see any of the following signs of critter roof damage, you probably have unwanted guests in your attic:

  • The sight of droppings and/or urine 
  • Ripped air ducts in your attic
  • Shifted or disturbed insulation
  • Sounds of scurrying, knocking, squeaking, or scratching
  • Odd or unpleasant odors
  • Nests made from sticks, leaves, twigs and other natural elements

These signs warrant a call to our Houston roof experts immediately in order to determine the presence and size of a pest population. If they’ve caused extensive critter roof damage, you may need a Houston roof replacement to remove the damage and determine the source of entry. The good news is that new Houston roofing will not only add value and beauty to you home, but it will also keep future pests out of your home, as these newer, sturdier materials are more difficult for even the most destructive critters to damage.

Trust Our Houston Roof Experts with your Houston Roof Replacement

If you suspect critters have caused your Houston roof damage, it’s time to call Amstill Roofing today for a free inspection. We’ll examine the extent of the damage and make our recommendations from there. Should our Houston roof experts determine you need a Houston roof replacement, our highly skilled team will provide an estimate, help you choose the right materials, and schedule a time to get your new roof installed so as to prevent any more unwanted house guests! 

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