Consider Pearland Roof Replacement Before a Hurricane Hits

Every property runs the risk of hurricane season roof damage. No matter how new or strong your roof is, there is always the possibility of a major storm pushing it to its limits. Roof leaks are just the start of your problem. High winds can actually blow off your roof and put your family in danger. The last thing you need after a hurricane is the stress of emergency roof repairs. Make sure you are prepared for harsh weather with the help of Amstill Roofing. We provide reliable Pearland roof replacement for your peace of mind during hurricane season.

What Is Considered a Hurricane?

A hurricane, also called a tropical cyclone, is a low-pressure area characterized by organized thunderstorms. When maximum sustained winds reach 74 mph or higher, it is considered a hurricane. Hurricanes are classified into categories 1 to 5. The higher the category, the higher the potential for property damage. Fortunately, hurricanes can be anticipated. If a storm is likely to hit your area soon, have your property inspected by Houston roof experts.

How Does a Hurricane Impact a Roof?

It is true that some roofs survive hurricanes, with nothing more than a few scratches. On the other hand, some roofs are completely rooted off. There are certain factors that determine whether or not your roof is strong enough against a storm.

  • Your location. Some states are more prone to hurricanes. Areas near the coast and tropical waters are more frequently affected. Texas, in particular, has the 2nd most number of hurricanes in history.
  • Your roof type. Hip roofs are able to withstand wind load better than gable roofs. Low-slope roofs perform worse during a hurricane. Studies show that steep-slope roofs withstand pressure better.
  • Your structural connections. A roof that is well-attached to the rest of the house is more likely to survive. Any tiny gap created in the flashing is likely to cause a chain reaction of loose shingles and exposed underlayment.

Should I Get Repairs Before or After a Hurricane?

After a hurricane, the damage your roof sustains can be massive. So, it makes sense to wait after the storm is over before you get a Pearland roof replacement, right? Actually, we recommend getting repairs even before the rainy season arrives. This way, you can fortify your roof and protect your home against wind, rain, and debris. If you don’t do inspections beforehand, weak spots on your roof can go unnoticed. This will leave your home vulnerable and even cost you more on repairs.

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Get your roof hurricane-ready by calling Amstill Roofing. We are a trusted roofing company that has been serving our community for nearly 50 years. Because we are a local contractor, we understand the needs of homeowners across the state. We know what it takes to keep your home safe during hurricane season. Call us today for Houston roof replacement and other preventive services. We offer free roof inspections!

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