Consider A Kingwood Roof Replacement Before Hurricane Season

Although hurricane season doesn’t start until June 1, we are only a few weeks away, which means now is the perfect time to think about hurricane preparedness. You can never be too prepared after all! In this article, we will discuss how a Kingwood roof replacement could make all the difference in how secure your home and your loved ones are this hurricane season.

Kingwood Roof Replacement Right Before Hurricane Season Offers Maximum Protection

When you have a brand new roof installed, it is in top condition and as sturdy as can be, which means it will do a far better job at withstanding heavy winds, heavy rain, and hail storms––all of which are associated with hurricanes and tropical storms.

Kingwood Roof Damage Worsens Over Time 

The best way to describe how roof damage works is this way: imagine that a really bad storm hits and some of your corner shingles start to lift from the heavy winds. Shingles are nailed together, so when one becomes lifted, the forceful wind can more easily tear off that shingle, as well as all the adjacent ones.

Once this occurs, your roof becomes severely compromised and allows for water to easily flow into it, as well as the foundation. This will then inevitably cause leaks, which may go unnoticed for a long time until they become severe. When leaks remain unnoticed for an extended period of time, they might lead to mold and mildew developing in your house, which then puts your family and structure at risk.

Entrust Our Houston Roof Experts With Your Kingwood Roof Replacement

If you’re considering getting a Kingwood roof replacement ahead of the hurricane season, please contact us for a free roof inspection. We will climb onto your roof and thoroughly inspect your roof shingles, vents, gutter systems, and other important components. If we determine that your roof is severely damaged and you need a Kingwood roof replacement, we will be glad to take care of it for you. We can discuss roof replacement financing options as well as getting in touch with your homeowner’s insurance provider in order to help pay for a brand new roof that is sure to keep you and your loved ones safe. We look forward to helping you go into hurricane season with greater confidence in your roofing.

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