Common Houston Roof Repairs You Might Need After Hurricane Hanna

Although Houston didn’t experience as much damage from Hurricane Hanna as other areas did, the heavy wind and rain storms still caused many Houston roofs to sustain damage. Here are some common and likely Houston roof repairs you might need sooner rather than later as we continue to keep an eye on the weather conditions.

Houston Roof Leaks

Whether you are in Spring, TX, Katy, TX or anywhere in between, chances are you experienced some level of rainfall, though some areas received more than others. If this is the case and you haven’t received a Houston roof inspection recently, you may have an unnoticed leak. Roof leaks can have a few causes, and aging is one of them. Your Houston roof should last an average of 15-20 years, but if you haven’t replaced it yet, then it might be in less-than-ideal condition. Perhaps your roof shingles have curled or even flown off your roof and you simply didn’t realize. Or, alternatively, your shingles have dipped, allowing for rain to settle and pool, which will only further weaken the shingles and the underlying foundation. This will easily cause a bad leak, so if aging is a factor, please get a roof replacement as soon as possible. 

Seeing as it is summertime, it’s a great time for critters to wander onto your roof. If you spot any, make sure you get an inspection soon to double-check that the critters haven’t created entry points for themselves and the rain.

Wind Damage

The greater Houston area experienced some winds as well as heavy rain. Unfortunately, even though we recommend preparing your home for a storm, it is not always done in time, or some homeowners mistakenly underestimate the damage their Houston roof may suffer, so they simply don’t follow certain recommendations like removing extra furniture and debris. If this is the case, wind could have blown lawn chairs or garden decor onto your roof, puncturing it or ripping apart some shingles. It’s best to address this and get the appropriate Houston roof repairs as soon as possible so your roof is prepared for the next storm that may come our way.

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If after Tropical Storm Hanna you wonder if you might need Houston Roof Repairs, we recommend you contact us for a free inspection. We will thoroughly examine your siding, roof, gutters, downspouts, and may suggest inspecting your attic as well. This way we’ll be able to assess all the possible storm damage that occurred and recommend appropriate Houston roof repairs.

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