Common Cypress Roofing Problems in Summer and How to Fix Them

Summer creates a tough environment for your Houston roofing. As the sun hits your shingles, a string of other roof damage can occur. Learn more about them here and how to minimize your summer roofing problems.

Shingle Cracking

Summer is a time of prolonged exposure to the sun. The first layer of your Cypress roofing that takes the brunt of the damage are your shingles. The sun can cause your shingles to crack and curl, which is the start of a series of severe roofing issues. Make sure to call your Cyress roofer when you see the first signs of shingle damage in summer.

Melting of Adhesive

Your Cypress roofing is held together by adhesive, and too much heat can cause this to melt. To prevent this type of damage, make sure to hire only reputable roofers near me. They make sure to use quality adhesive that won’t deteriorate during summer.

Color Fading

UV rays are extra intense in the summer; as such, your roof deck can take a beating from the blistering heat. The sun affects the coating of your roof, fading the colors and deteriorating poor-quality materials. If you notice your shingles aren’t as vibrant as they used to be, it could be a sign of sun damage.

Humidity Damage

Humidity or atmospheric moisture causes the temperature of your roof to be lower than the surrounding air. As a result, excess moisture can create leaks on a weak Cypress roofing system. To prevent this, contact a Cypress roofer to waterproof your roof using specialized materials.

Blocked Gutters

During summer, leaves and branches easily dry up and fall onto your home. They can create a blockage in your gutters and pipes, leading to a faulty drainage system. Failure to unclog your gutters can lead to bigger problems, such as a damaged foundation.

How to Solve Roof Damage in Summer

Damage from the sun is not easily seen by the naked eye, so it’s important to call Houston roof experts for a thorough inspection. They can perform the necessary Houston roof repairs to make sure your family is protected against extreme heat. Schedule roof repairs during summer can also get you ready for any hurricanes bound your way.

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