Cold Weather Damages That May Lead To Katy Roof Replacement

Most Houston homeowners are aware of how summer storms, heat, and hurricanes can cause Katy roof damage, but cold weather roof damage is also a legitimate threat that shouldn’t be overlooked. As winter slowly but surely approaches and temperatures drop, our Houston roof experts want you to be prepared for the potential issues that accompany the changing seasons. Here’s how a Katy roof replacement not only offers peace of mind, but also protects your property and increases its value.

The Threat Of Cold Weather Roof Damage 

There are a number of issues that can arise during the winter months that you should watch for, especially:

Freezing Rain And Hail Roof Damage

Hail is a year-round threat to Katy roofing, and freezing rain poses a similar threat, especially if it comes in the form of heavy precipitation. Hail and freezing rain can create divots in your shingles, causing a loss of granules and the protection they provide. 

Ice Build-Up On Your Katy roofing

It’s no secret that particularly severe cold fronts in which rain is present can cause ice to form on roads and sidewalks, but this is also true for your home. Should ice form on your roof, it can block additional rain from running off its surface or clog your gutters. When this occurs, it could lead to a Katy roof leak, resulting in potentially detrimental Katy roof damage.

Accumulated Snow On Your Katy Roof

While this type of cold weather roof damage is unusual in Houston, it’s not unheard of. In conditions like those experienced in our most recent winter storm last February, snow can accumulate on the roof’s surface, placing detrimental pressure on your Katy roofing. This is even more concerning for older roofs, as they no longer possess the structural integrity required to support the additional weight of snowfall.

Get a Katy Roof Replacement Before Winter Arrives

If you believe it’s time for a Katy roof replacement, it’s wise to do so before you experience any form of Katy roof damage that could result in additional problems for the interior of your home. Our Houston roof experts would be honored to inspect your roof at no cost in order to assess the condition of your Katy roofing. When our team arrives for your inspection, we’ll examine it thoroughly and look for missing or curling shingles, buckling or sagging in the rooftop, and loose or cracked flashing. Should we discover any of these issues, we may recommend a Katy roof replacement in order to ensure your home is properly protected against potential cold weather roof damage. Should that be the case, we can walk you through the process and even help you navigate any possible homeowners insurance coverage for which you may be eligible. 

Our Houston Roof Experts Have Your Katy Roofing Covered

Regardless of the season, Amstill Roofing wants to protect your home from the effects of Katy roof damage. We have over 40 years of experience providing skilled, knowledgeable service to our many satisfied customers. If you’re ready to prepare your property to endure another winter, our Houston roof experts have you covered, from the initial inspection to the completed Katy roof replacement. Contact us today!

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