Can Your Roof Withstand Colder Temperatures? Or Do You Need the Woodlands Roof Replacement?

As a large part of your home’s exterior, your roof is exposed to all weather conditions. Fortunately, your roof was designed to withstand the changing seasons — if it’s properly maintained. Temperatures that are colder than usual may take their toll on your roof. Make sure your home is protected through the Woodlands roof replacement. As the winter season continues to freeze up your city, take note of vulnerable areas of your roof. 

How the Cold Affects Your Roof

During the dry season, your roof expands under the heat. The opposite happens in the cold; your roof contracts and potentially freezes. Ice dams form on your roof and may lead to broken shingles and gutter damage. Ice dams happen when low temperatures melt the ice on your roof. The melted ice flows down your roof’s edge where it freezes again. Another effect of cold weather is condensation in your attic. Condensation occurs when warm air in your home meets your cold roof. Ice and water stress can also cause your roof to cave in. Prevent moisture damage with professional the Woodlands roof replacement.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

If you don’t address the problems listed above, they could lead to serious the Woodlands roof damage. This is especially true for older roofs that haven’t been repaired in a while. Newly installed roofs may be safer, but they can also get damaged if temperatures get too extreme. You should also request an inspection from a Houston roofer if you live in an area prone to weather fluctuations. The constant changes from hot to cold weather take their toll on your roof. If you already notice loose or cracked shingles, then it’s time to prioritize your roof.

Can You Replace Your Roof During the Cold Season?

Some roofing materials, such as slate and wooden tiles, are more sensitive to cold temperatures than asphalt and concrete shingles. Your roofing company will determine if it’s suitable to work on your roof, depending on how cold the temperature is for that day. Some roofers may not work below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. For emergency roofing services, contact your roofer so they can recommend the proper plan of action. Amstill Roofing provides emergency roof leak repair so you can be safe and comfortable despite the cold.

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