Can Your Houston Roofing Handle the Rain?

We’re about to enter our rainy season along the Gulf Coast, which means now is a good time to determine whether or not your Houston roofing can handle potentially heavy downpours or other threats of damage caused by rain and storms. Our Houston roofers keep busy this time of year completing inspections and repairing rain roof damage across the area, which occurs in a number of ways. We’ve outlined those causes of Houston rain roof damage below, as well as what you can do to protect your home this spring. 

Causes of Houston Rain Roof Damage

We see plenty of rain in Houston, and our lawns and trees are thankful for it. Sometimes, however, that rain can fall too long or too quickly, which results in flooded roadways and bayous, and property damage that may result in a Houston roof replacement. These are the most common ways rain causes Houston roof damage.

Houston Shingle Damage

When rain falls heavily and steadily on your Houston roofing, it can deteriorate your shingles, especially if your roof is old or already damaged. Any cracks, leaks, or bald spots can allow water to get under your shingles and make existing roof damage worse, as well as allow water inside your home. 

Roof Leaks

This is what most homeowners fear when the rain comes down too quickly, and understandably so. A roof leak can cause catastrophic damage not just to your Houston roofing, but to the interior of your home as well. Sometimes a roof leak can be obvious, as you can see the water enter your home every time it rains. Other times, however, a leak can be hidden in your attic or between your walls, which means you likely won’t discover it until it’s caused major problems to the interior of your home. 

Clogged Gutters

While the rain is not technically responsible for damage caused by clogged gutters, heavy downpours that can’t properly drain off your roof’s surface can wreak havoc on your Houston roofing. Now is a good time to ensure your gutters are clean and free from debris so the rain has a clear path away from your roof, otherwise you could be looking at rain roof damage that may be irreparable, requiring a Houston roof replacement.

Protect Your Houston Roofing From Rain Roof Damage

If you’re concerned about the damage our upcoming rainy season may have on your roof and the property your Houston roofing is intended to protect, it’s time for a seasonal roof inspection. Our Houston roofers recommend a professional inspection every six months in order to assess any potential damage your roofing may have sustained and keep you protected moving into the next half of the year. Should our inspection uncover the need for a Houston roof replacement, we’d be happy to discuss your options and provide you with a free estimate. 

Our Houston Roof Experts Will Keep You Dry This Spring

Amstill has been leading the Houston roofing industry in quality and customer satisfaction for over 47 years, working tirelessly to keep homeowners protected from Houston roof damage. If you need a seasonal roof inspection or a full Houston roof replacement, call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly-skilled Houston roofers and see why so many residents choose Amstill for their Houston roofing needs.

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