Can Hail Actually Damage your Central Northwest Houston Roof?

Hailstones are formed when water drops freeze in the cold sections of storm clouds. Larger hailstones are produced when strong updrafts or upward motion of air is present in conjunction with lowered heights of the freezing level. Due to the updrafts, the stones are suspended longer in the air and become coated with additional water that freezes over, which increases the stone’s size until it eventually falls down. In this article, our Houston Roof Experts will discuss the Central Northwest Houston Roof Damage associated with hail.

Hail Can Cause Significant Central Northwest Houston Roof Damage

Hailstones typically measure between 0.2 inches and 6 inches in diameter, for reference golf balls have a diameter of 1.75 inches while a softball is 4 inches. The record for the largest hailstone for the State of Texas is 6.4 inches, which fell in a storm in Hondo, Texas in April 2021. Hail roof damage is not only dependent on the size of hailstones but also on its intensity. A constant pelting of even inch-sized hailstones can cause Central Northwest Houston Roof Damage.

Hail Roof Damage to Roof Shingles, Roof Shakes, and Roof Slates

Smaller hailstones can chip away at the asphalt granules of your roof shingles. These granules on your roof shingles are there to protect them from UV rays and weathering. Premature shedding of asphalt granules can affect the overall durability of your roof shingles. Softball-sized hail stones can cause greater hail roof damage. Upon impact, large hailstones can cause wooden roof shakes and roof slates to crack and split. Extremely large hailstones can just totally blow a hole through your roof and expose your home to roof leaks. Exposure to such hailstones will most likely require Houston roof repair.

Hail Damage to Roof Gutters

Hailstones can inflict hail roof damage not only upon impact but can also cause your gutters to collapse. By nature of their function, gutters were designed to collect water from your roof and divert it to the drainage. During hail, this function works against the gutters as hailstones tend to roll off from the roof and end up on the gutters. Gutters are not designed to accommodate heavy loads and may result in deformation, which will affect the flow of water. In worse cases, gutters may collapse from the weight of accumulated hailstones. This event will require a Houston roof repair.

Your Trusted Houston Roof Experts Can Execute Emergency Roof Repair in One Day

As discussed above, hail is yet another destructive weather event that can significantly damage even the most well-maintained of roofs and require emergency Houston roof repair. In such cases, look no further than Amstill Roofing. With over 47 years in the business and almost 18,000 roof repairs, we have perfected our Houston roof repair process such that we can execute one-day repairs. During emergencies, pick the contractor with extensive experience, competitive rates, and impeccable customer service. Call us and book a same-day appointment now.

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