Budgeting For DaVinci Roof Replacement In Houston

DaVinci Roofscapes is a renowned roof tile manufacturer that specializes in engineered slate and shake roof tiles. DaVinci roofing is built to last and adds immense value to your home, so if you’re considering leveling up your roof so it’s worry-free, here is how to budget for your Houston roof replacement with DaVinci roof tiles.

Comparing The Cost Of DaVinci Roof Shingles Compared To Other Slate And Shake Roof Shingles

Slate and shake roof shingles are, by default, more premium than typical fiberglass roofing due to their weight and natural stone-like appearance. However, the higher cost is well worth it when you take into consideration the fact that, unlike natural slate/shake roofs or other imitations, engineered DaVinci roof shingles are virtually indestructible (unlike natural shake roofing) and beautifully varied to achieve almost any appearance you would like for your Houston roofing. Although there is a higher upfront cost, costly Houston roof repairs and roof replacement will not be nearly as recurring. 

Plan For The Possibility Of Extra Costs Associated With Your Houston Roof Replacement

The average cost of installing synthetic roofing may range between $11,900-$18,900, but other factors may affect how much your Houston roof replacement costs. When it comes to any roof work, though, you’re not just paying for the materials and the labor itself. There are other costs associated with a Houston roof replacement that may not be obvious right away. 

When we provide you with a roof replacement estimate, we include a maximum cost in case we stumble across anything that may have been overlooked for years prior that must be addressed before proceeding with your roof replacement.

Consider Financing Your Roof Replacement With Our Houston Roofing Company

Sometimes, financing your roof replacement is a better option than using your homeowners’ insurance. Our Houston roof experts offer multiple Houston roof replacement financing options, including some interest-free options. Financing your Houston roof replacement with us is as easy and quick as making a phone call to apply and can give you the roofing you want within your budget constraints. 

Contact Amstill Roofing For Your Next Houston Roof Replacement With DaVinci Roofing

Houston roof replacements may seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes, but they are necessary for the safety of your home’s structure and your family. If you’re ready for a brand new roof, please contact us so we can schedule a free roof inspection in which we will be able to assess your roof damage and offer our professional advice on how to go about your DaVinci roof replacement. We look forward to giving you a brand new roof that will keep your home and your loved ones safe.

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