Brand New Roof Replacement For Two-Story Home In Seabrook, TX!

1522 Rustic Oak Lane completedSMALL

This two-story home in Seabrook Texas first began as an initial inspection in need of a few repairs. With the original roof built-in 1995, there had been a few solar panels installed that had to be removed where patchwork had been done. We were able to assist the homeowner with an inspection and get the Solar company to cover the cost of the repair. Due to the number of solar panels everywhere on the roof, it was needed to get the entire front slope addressed instead of doing minor repairs in order to avoid damaging other shingles on the roof. On a separate issue, there had been rainwater coming through the half bathroom on the first floor of the home due to an issue with the exhaust fan on the roof. With the roof being very old and brittle, all things discussed, everyone came to an agreement that the best route to entertain that will take care of all issues and be the best for the homeowner was a complete roof replacement with the assistance of insurance. Everything was able to be addressed and this beautiful two-story home now rocks a brand new Certain Teed “Heather Blend” colored shingle roof replacement. In the conclusion of it all, we were also able to help this homeowner with some brand new windows! 

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