Time To Think About Your Seasonal Houston Roof Inspection

After last week’s winter storm system, it’s hard to believe that we are only a few short weeks away from spring! Spring brings plenty of sunshine, some rain, and cool breezes that remind us that summer is not too far, but the change in weather for the better doesn’t guarantee that your roof won’t see any damage. In fact, spring, though far milder than winter or summer, may still bring about some Houston roof damage, so now is a great time to plan for your seasonal roof inspection. Here is why a roof inspection this spring will be critical to the health of your roof.

First And Foremost, Don’t Dismiss Spring As Being Damage-Free Weather

In the spring, we deal with wind and rain picking up, as well as hail. Hail season lasts from March until May and can easily compromise your roof, especially if it hasn’t been repaired in years.

A Seasonal Inspection Is The Best Way To Check The Condition Of Your Roof On A Regular Basis

Simply put, roofs that aren’t regularly inspected or maintained are the ones that have sustained significant damage over time and may not last as long.

Some homeowners procrastinate on roof inspections because, to them, their roof looks fine. However, although we encourage homeowners to briefly look around their roofs (either from a window or from outside), a short glance or walk around your home will not compare to a detailed roof inspection conducted by our Houston roofers. Our Houston roofing company has over 40 years of roofing experience in Houston, so we are easily able to walk on your roof and spot out any signs of roof damage.

A Seasonal Houston Roof Inspection Saves Money In The Long Run

Professional roof inspections are an effective preventative measure to take when caring for your roof. By getting a seasonal inspection twice a year (once in the fall and again in the spring), you will be aware of when it may be time to get some Houston roof repairs done. The good news is that by getting very minor roof repairs done as needed, you will continuously safeguard your roof and you may even boost its longevity. The only way to know what Houston roof repairs to get and when is by receiving regular roof inspections.

Have Amstill Roofing Inspect Your Roof For Free

Inspection is the best form of damage prevention, so if you would like to determine the current state of your Houston roof, please contact us so we can schedule a free Houston roof inspection and take a close look at your roof. Upon finishing our inspection, we will make recommendations on what you can do to keep protecting your roof.

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