How To Pick Shingle Colors For Kingwood Roof Replacement

When it comes to Kingwood roof replacement, our Houston roofing company encourages homeowners to consider more than just their budget. If you’re getting a roof replacement, take advantage of the fact and consider not only how much different shingles cost, but also the added value it will bring to your home, how long your roof shingles will last, and, lastly, which roof shingle color you should pick. In this article, we will focus on the importance of the color of your roof shingles.

Why Does Roof Shingle Color Matter

Remember that quality roofing is the most important factor when getting a Kingwood roof replacement, but knowing that our roof shingles are all high-quality, the colors of your shingles are actually very important as well. Not only does color serve an aesthetic purpose that has the potential to add value to your home, but it also affects how cool or warm the interior of your home is. We’ll discuss these factors in more detail.

The Right Roof Shingle Colors Add Valuable Beauty To Your Home

Beautiful roof shingles can certainly add value to your home. Here are some basic design principles and tips to keep in mind:

  • If your home has a rather uniform appearance on the outside (i.e. one color brick), then some subtle shade variations on your roof shingles will make your home more attractive.
  • If your home’s exterior is a lighter shade, then laminate roof shingles that feature darker shades of the same hue will add aesthetic contrast. 
  • If your home’s exterior features accents in dark brown, red, blue, or black, then roof shingles that match the exterior accent color will beautifully tie the exterior altogether. This enhances curb appeal, which is highly valuable if you choose to resell or lease in the future.

Different Roof Colors Affect The Temperature And Insulation Of Your Home

Although having high-quality insulation is the best way to control the internal temperature of your home, getting a boost from your roofing is always a good idea. Darker color roof shingles tend to absorb heat, which could quickly warm up your home. Lighter colors, on the other hand, are able to reflect heat away from their surface which keeps your Kingwood roof nice and cool in the Houston heat.

Get Guidance On What Color Shingles You Should Get For Your Kingwood Roof Replacement

Much like the type of roof shingles you pick for your roof replacement, paying attention to color is important as well! If you’re considering getting a Kingwood roof replacement, please contact us for a free roof inspection so we can determine if one is necessary and then discuss your needs and make color recommendations.

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