Benefits of a DaVinci Shake Roof

More and more Houstonians who have decided to invest in a Houston roof replacement are choosing DaVinci roofing products in an effort to add value and additional protection to their home. DaVinci roofing is a line of engineered roof tiles that are known for their beauty and durability. One of their more popular products is a DaVinci shake roof, which is different from natural cedar shake roof shingles because they are engineered to look like real cedar roof tiles. But how do natural cedar shake roof shingles compare to DaVinci’s cedar shake roof? Keep reading to determine if a DaVinci roof installation is right for you and your home.

Choose DaVinci Roofing For Your Houston Roof Replacement

DaVinci roofing has grown in popularity over the past few years, largely due in part to their reputation. DaVinci Roofing has been offering cedar shake roofs for more than two decades, which has allowed the company to build a reputation for quality, thereby the opportunity to develop top-of-the-line cedar shake roof tiles that will last for decades. Our Houston roof experts recommend DaVinci roof tiles for many Houston roof installations because these tiles are created to withstand the elements and constantly-changing weather patterns known to occur in the Houston area.

The DaVinci Shake Roof

Cedar shake roof tiles are known for their warmth and naturally rustic appearance, which is why homeowners have been using natural cedar shake roof tiles for many, many years. The problem with a natural cedar shake roof, however, is that it’s crafted from hand-hewn wooden shingles from large cedar trees in the Northwest. These old-growth trees have largely been eradicated due to deforestation, leaving new growth forests in their place. These wood from these new-growth trees aren’t as strong as the ones they replaced, compromising the strength of the wood itself. This means a constant need for maintenance and constant upkeep. Even cedar shake roofs made from old-growth trees require regular maintenance, and all are eventually prone to rotting, curling, and cracking. 

DaVinci cedar shake roof shingles, however, look exactly like natural cedar without requiring regular maintenance. Most homeowners who have chosen to have DaVinci shake roof tiles installed on their homes say it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between natural and engineered cedar shake from the ground. In addition to their beauty, DaVinci shake shingles will last significantly longer than natural cedar shake roof tiles and come in a variety of shades and widths to match any design preferences. 

Choose DaVinci Roofing For Your Houston Roof Replacement

DaVinci roofscapes are beautiful and natural-looking, whether you’re in the market for their engineered cedar shake roof tiles, or their slate roof tiles, which is why we recommend them to our Houston roof replacement customers. If you want to discuss this impressive product line with one of our Houston roof experts or schedule a free inspection and estimate to replace your existing roof, call us today. We know you’ll be pleased with our knowledge, experience, and personalized customer service.

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