Bad Insulation Can Lead to Tomball Roof Damage

Most of us are aware that weather, age, and even critters can cause Tomball roof damage, but did you know that bad attic insulation can cause roof damage as well? When insulation is laid, the quality of the insulation itself is important, as substandard materials will wear faster and require premature replacement. But it’s also imperative that insulation be installed correctly, meaning in the right spots in your attic using the right quantity, as too much or too little insulation can be just as bad as no insulation in many cases. Our Houston roof experts are here to explain how bad insulation can cause Tomball roof damage and what you can do to prevent and repair it.

How Does Bad Insulation Cause Tomball Roof Damage?

The purpose of insulation is to regulate the temperature in your home and keep it comfortable for you and your family. But since insulation is installed in the attic, it can also affect your roof’s ability to regulate temperature, too. When your roof becomes too warm, it can cause damage to your shingles by weakening them over time. In the winter, if freezing temperatures are accompanied by rain, ice can build up on your roof’s surface. But if your attic is poorly insulated, heat can escape through your roof from inside your home, melting any ice that has accumulated on your roof. If it’s cold enough, this water will flow across the surface on your shingles and then refreeze beneath them, causing extensive Tomball roof damage. While our area doesn’t see temperatures this cold on a regular basis, it can happen. Since it is irregular, however, many homeowners don’t know to look for this type of roof damage, often letting it get so severe that a Tomball roof replacement becomes necessary.

How Can I Tell if I Have Bad Insulation?

If your insulation is damaged or lacking, the risk for the aforementioned Tomball roof damage is significantly higher. One rule of thumb to determine if you have enough insulation in your attic is to check if rests above or below your floor joists. If your insulation doesn’t sit higher than your floor joists, there isn’t enough to properly insulate your home or protect your Tomball roofing.

It’s also important to look for problems with your insulation. If it’s damp, discolored, or tamped down, this is evidence of water infiltration, which could mean the need for a Tomball roof replacement. The best way to determine the extent of your roof damage caused by bad insulation is to schedule a professional roof inspection. Our Houston roof experts can get a better vantage point and look both on your roof and in your attic for signs of Tomball roof damage that require repair or even a Tomball roof replacement.

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If a trip to your attic revealed issues with your insulation, then it should not be ignored. Our Houston roof experts are familiar with the kind of damage caused by bad insulation and know exactly what to look for. We want you and your home to remain comfortable year-round, which is why our roof inspection is detailed and thorough, ensuring we don’t overlook anything that could be cause for concern. If it’s been more than six months since your last professional inspection or you suspect bad insulation has caused Tomball roof damage, call us to schedule your inspection today!

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