Avoid Pearland Roof Replacement Scams

A Pearland roof replacement can increase your home’s value and provide your home with superior protection against potential Pearland roof damage. But given the importance of this project and the money required to make it happen, you want to choose a Pearland roof replacement company you can trust with your investment. Unfortunately, there are a number of unsavory roofing contractors who could try to scam you for your money, then leave you stuck to cover the cost of repairs for their unfinished or shoddy work. As a result, our Houston roof experts have these tips to help you avoid the most common Pearland roofing scams.

Common Pearland Roof Replacement Scams to Avoid

Disreputable Pearland roofers can be difficult to identify because scammers are especially good at fooling their next victim. They may seem charismatic and present themselves as experienced professionals, turning on the charm before they move in with one of their scams. If you see any of the following red flags, it’s probably best to find a different Houston roofing contractor for your Pearland roof replacement. 

High-Pressure Sales Pitches

Be wary of a Pearland roofer trying to upsell you on unnecessary and often costly roofing materials or asking you to sign a contract on the spot. You should always have time to review a contract before signing it and even receive estimates from other contractors before agreeing to anything in writing. A reputable Pearland roof replacement contractor will give you the time you need to weigh your options. If a contractor is being too pushy, it’s time to push them to the curb and go with someone else. 

Storm Chasing Roofers

Exposure to severe weather could mean that your home may have sustained Pearland storm roof damage, which means you should schedule a professional Pearland roof inspection to see if that’s true of your Pearland roofing. But be suspicious of companies who pop by unannounced. These “storm-chasers” will often choose a neighborhood that recently experienced a damaging thunderstorm and go door-to-door, often offering a Pearland Texas roof replacement at no cost. This is based on the assumption that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of repairs for weather-related damage, but this is not a prediction they can make without knowing your policy coverage, the extent of damage to your Pearland roofing, or your insurance company’s assessment of the damage themselves. 

Advanced Payment Requests 

You should never pay for work that hasn’t been finished, much less started. So keep your guard up when a roofing contractor asks for money before beginning your Pearland roof replacement. In these cases, the roofer may disappear before the work is finished, shoddily install your Pearland roofing, or demand more money for unexpected costs once the work is completed.

Protect Yourself From Pearland Roof Replacement Scams

If you choose the right Houston roofing contractor for your Pearland roofing, you can avoid these scams altogether. Research your options thoroughly and get estimates from 2-3 other Pearling roof replacement companies. It’s wise to find a contractor with a significant online presence, such as customer testimonials, current certifications, and photos of recent projects. A trustworthy Pearland roofing contractor will keep their websites up-to-date in order to remain transparent.

Amstill Has Your Pearland Roofing Needs Covered!

As roofing industry experts for over 47 years, our Houston roofers have witnessed nearly every scam around. We’ve even been hired to clean up the mess these shady Pearland roofing contractors have left behind. If you want a Pearland roof replacement company you can trust, call our Houston roof experts to schedule an appointment.  We offer thorough roof inspection and estimates at no cost to you, and will provide you with our best recommendations based upon what’s best for your needs and your home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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