Are There Friendswood Roof Shingle Granules In Your Gutters?

Today, most roof shingles are topped with little granules, and although they may seem pretty insignificant, these are a critical component of your overall roofing system. In this article, our Friendswood roofing company will explain why roof shingle granules matter and what it means if you happen to find some in your gutter system.

What Makes Friendswood Roof Shingle Granules So Important?

Not only do granules contribute to the color of your roofing, but they also offer reliable protection for your entire roof so that it does a better job of protecting you.

Houston is notorious for heavy thunderstorms, some of which bring strong winds and hail. Heavy rains and hail land rather roughly on your roof shingles, and strong winds can blow lightweight outdoor furniture and lawn decor onto your roof, directly impacting the shingles. These granules serve as an extra layer of protection since they are what take on most of the damage upon impact. Beneath the granules, the underlying roof shingles remain intact, at least until enough granules have been chipped away and the underlying shingles become exposed.

What To Do If You Notice Roof Shingle Granules In Your Gutters

It’s a good idea to perform Friendswood roof maintenance to promote your roof’s longevity. If you’re cleaning out your gutters and notice some granules have fallen into them, this is bad news for your roof. Chances are that your roof is exhibiting balding, which can take place on individual shingles and on larger areas of your roof. 

As we gradually approach a rainy spring, the fact that your roof is missing some of its shingle granules means that your roof shingles will be more prone to direct rain damage, such as Friendswood roof leaks. Further, a weakened roof makes it easier for critters to make their way into your home. 

If you find roof shingle granules in your gutters, it’s imperative that you get a free, professional Friendswood roof inspection so that a certified roofer such as Amstill can walk along your roofing and determine how extensive the damage is. This way, you don’t put yourself at risk and we can give you a detailed report of what we have found on your roof. With this information, we can discuss with you whether your home needs Friendswoof roof replacement or some Friendswood roof repairs and make the appropriate recommendation.

Reliable Friendswood Roof Repairs By Amstill Roofing

Your roof shingle granules may be small, but they play a big role in protecting your roof and the underlying structure. Please contact us if you discover missing granules so that we can inspect the issue and ensure your roof is fixed and protected.

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