Are DaVinci Roof Shingles Right for You?

Asphalt shingles have long been the most popular Houston roofing material due to their affordability and ease of installation. But our Houston roofer offers other materials that rival traditional asphalt shingles both in durability and appearance, such as those made by DaVinci Roofscapes. Our Houston roof experts believe DaVinci Roofing products are the best engineered roof tiles on the market, which is why we recommend them to our customers searching for the added protection and high-end aesthetic they provide. Keep reading to see if DaVinci slate tiles or DaVinci shake tiles are the right choice for your Houston roof replacement.

Your Houston Roof Replacement with DaVinci Roof Tiles

Engineered roof tiles have become tremendously popular over the past decade, especially in cities that are prone to severe weather, such as Houston. There are many companies who claim to offer quality engineered roof shingles, but DaVinci roof shingles outperform the competition in many ways. First, DaVinci Roofing has made a name for themselves by manufacturing engineered roof tiles for more than 20 years, making them a leader in a competitive roofing materials market. Second, their engineered slate roofs and cedar shake roofs are designed to offer superior protection from the elements. Issues like scorching summer heat, icy winter temperatures, blustery winds, and heavy rain cause other Houston roofing materials to fade and become brittle over time. But DaVinci roof shingles are made to last thanks to a Class 4 impact rating, Class A fire rating, and a lifetime limited material warranty. Their unique composite construction also certifies them to withstand up to 110 mph winds. 

Available DaVinci Engineered Roof Tile Options

DaVinci engineered roof shingles come in two different varieties: engineered slate roof shingles and engineered shake roof shingles.

DaVinci Slate Roofing

Slate roof tiles are a stunning choice due to their sleek, modern look, but natural stone is prone to cracking, breaking, and fading over time. Natural slate is also heavy and thick, which requires expensive additional supports to hold its weight. DaVinci engineered roof tile, on the other hand, can better withstand the elements because, while it is modeled to look exactly like slate stone, it does not possess the porosity of its natural counterpart  It is also known to resist impact and discoloration over time, making it a desirable option for many homeowners.

DaVinci Shake Roofing

DaVinci roof tiles are also available in engineered cedar shake, which is a better alternative to natural cedar shake tiles for numerous reasons. While beautiful, natural cedar shake can rot over time and is highly flammable. DaVinci shake roof shingles are manufactured to eliminate these problems and come in many different widths and shades for a customizable design. 

Amstill Proudly Offers DaVinci Shingles for Your Houston Roofing

We’re confident you’ll love the superior protection and high-end appearance of DaVinci roof tiles for your Houston roof replacement.  If you’re interested in learning more about DaVinci roofing products, call us to schedule a consultation. We’ll provide you with a thorough inspection and Houston roof replacement estimate at no cost to you. See for yourself why so many homeowners are choosing DaVinci roof shingles for their Houston roof replacement.

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