April Showers Are Near! Can Your Pearland Roof Handle Them?

We all know the famous saying: “April showers bring May flowers”. Now that we are nearing April, we can expect to see more rainfall in the greater Houston area. As Houstonians are aware, the rain doesn’t just start and end in April. May might also bring heavy showers, especially as we transition to hurricane season on June 1st. Is your Pearland roof ready to handle the approaching rainy weather?

Find Out How Sturdy Your Roof Is With A Free Pearland Roof Inspection

Early spring is the perfect time to get a free seasonal roof inspection because the weather is mild and pleasant, which means there will be ample opportunities to check on your roof. You can also do a very easy, basic inspection yourself by going into your attic and assessing the ceiling, walls, and insulation. This is a great way to spot a roof leak before it becomes severe and wanders into other parts of your home.

To identify a roof leak, we recommend you keep an eye out for bulging, bowing, and water stains along the wall. If you see any of these signs, it is likely that your roof is damaged and you are in need of Pearland roof repairs, or even a full Pearland roof replacement.

Pearland roof inspection doesn’t stop there, though. We offer free, professional roof inspections in which we take a closer look where you can’t. We’ll climb onto your roof and examine it for:

  • Shingle curling
  • Missing shingles
  • Buckling or dips in the rooftop
  • Loose/cracked flashing and shingles
  • Missing shingle granules

Trust Houston’s #1 Roofing Expert to Prepare Your Roof For Rain

Over the last 47 years in the roofing industry, we know what prolonged damage can do for roofs. Although the temperature in the spring is pleasant and the days are brighter, it is still vital for your roof to be capable of surviving rain damage. Please make sure you get Pearland roof repairs or a replacement as needed to make certain you and your loved ones are safe. If you would like our help keeping your roof strong and sturdy, then please contact us so we can schedule your free roof inspection and determine the best course of action.

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