A Cinco Ranch Roof Leak Isn’t Always Obvious

A Cinco Ranch roof leak seems like it should be the most obvious thing to spot and diagnose. All you need to do, you would think, is to look for where the water is dripping from and then call up your trusted Houston roof experts to patch things up. Unfortunately, some roof leaks require a Cinco Ranch roof inspection to detect, as these leaks aren’t immediately obvious to homeowners until they’ve done lots of damage. To avoid having to pay for expensive Cinco Ranch roof repairs, here are some early signs of a Cinco Ranch roof leak that you can look out for.  

Exterior Signs of a Cinco Ranch Roof Leak

A Cinco Ranch roof leak seems like something that is easier to detect from inside the house, but there are certain telltale indicators outside your house and on your roof that can clue you in that you have one. Since not every homeowner will be able to do this themselves, Amstill Roofing offers a free roof inspection that will be the basis of their recommendations for maximizing your roof’s durability and effectiveness. Some of the external signs of a Cinco Ranch roof leak that we look for include:

Degraded Flashing

Flashing is the flat and thin material that acts as the waterproofing layer of your roof. If your flashing is damaged, or its sealants have been worn down by time and the elements, then this could be a sign of an ongoing or imminent Cinco Ranch roof leak.

Deformed Roof Shingles

Shingles can crack, curl, and blister from storm damage, hail roof damage, sun exposure, and even simple age. Once they are damaged in this way, it is only a matter of time before water finds and infiltrates these gaps. If you see any damage to your Roof shingles, call your neighborhood Houston roof experts and ask about a Cinco Ranch roof leak repair.

Interior Signs of a Cinco Ranch Roof Leak

If you do have a Cinco Ranch roof leak, then it is already causing damage to the inside of your house. It’s just a matter of finding that damage early enough to minimize the cost in time and money of Cinco Ranch roof repairs. These interior signs are:

Stained or Discolored Walls and Ceilings

Small leaks will not produce the obvious dripping or puddles that homeowners rely on to diagnose leaks. However, these tiny leaks are enough to discolor affected wall and ceiling panels. The damage that these leaks do will increase over time as the stains spread out over the affected panels and become compromised.

Mold Growth on Walls and Ceilings

A Cinco Ranch roof leak raises the levels of moisture inside your home, making it a more conducive environment for mold. On their own, these mold constitute an additional threat to the health of your home’s occupants, which is why a regularly scheduled Cinco Ranch roof inspection to catch these leaks early is recommended.

Entrust Your Cinco Ranch Roof Leak Repair to the Experienced Houston Roof Experts

Should you need a Cinco Ranch roof leak repair, why not ask the Houston Roof Experts that have been serving Texas for 47 years? Our team at Amstill Roofing has repaired almost 20,000 roof repairs, finished over 30,000 roof replacements, and conducted over 138,000 roof inspections. Give us a call and let’s schedule yours next at your earliest convenience!

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